<br /> Lee Letter: v084

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Jedediah Hotchkiss

Dear Sir,

The Board of Survey desire that the preparation and publication of the series of County maps should be commenced. They prefer that those of Roanoke and Augusta should be the first brought out. They wish you to submit your maps of the counties, accompanied by the data from which they are made up, for inspection and approval as soon as you have them ready, & would be glad to know when they may expect them.

They propose that a copy of each County map shall be placed in the County Clerk’s office for some time, say during a term of the County Court, for the inspection of the public, and the final correction of any errours or oversights in names etc that may exist before it goes to the engraver.

Very respectfully

R E Lee

Maj: J. Hotchkiss, Staunton, Virginia:


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