<br /> Lee Letter: v089

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: W. Gordon McCabe

Dear Sir

I do not recollect ever having rec – d recommendations from Gen – ls Anderson & Heth for the assignment of Col: Wm L. Pegram to the command of brigades in their Divisions. If I did they were not denied for want of confidence in his ability, for no one in the army had a higher opinion of his gallantry & worth than myself. They were conspicuous on every field. Officers were sometimes recommended for the command of brigades where there were none to which they could be properly assigned, & in such cases the recommendations could not be considered. Col: Pegram had the command of a fine battalion of Artillery, a service in which he was signally skillful, in which he delighted & in which I understood that he preferred to remain. I do not think under the circumstances that he would have considered the command of a brigade in 1865 as preferable to the position he held.

Very truly yours

R E Lee

W. Gordon McCabe Esqr Petersburg VA:


W. G. McCabe PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives