<br /> Lee Letter: v046

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Carter Lee

My dear Carter

I have us – d your 4th of July speech & sent to Dr – Haztell the copy intended for him. I read it with much pleasure & congratulate you on so favourable a production. I suppose we must make allowances for you politicians but I do not in general admire the introduction of party politics on such an occasion. I have also rec – d your Whig song & sent it within the prescribed time to the Clay Club in Brooklyn. It arrived one ev – g when some of our neighbors had assembled to see us & I read it out to the admiring audience. We wanted you to sing it very much, but I was not able & the rest of the party were too modest. I had intended retaining a copy but it so happened that I was called suddenly to N.Y. next day & I carried it up with me. We have seen many of our Alex – a friends this Summer & perhaps you will be surprised to hear that Cousin Anna spent nearly a fortnight with us. She then went to West Point & Niagara but on her return found letters from Mrs – Kerr that carried her to meet her Eastern Shore friends at R – – . The Dangerfields also spent a day with us & Miss Matilda Mason is now staying with us. Mrs – Mason, Miss Hollie herself Miss Eliza Selden & her brother John had a very pleasant tour to Niagara Saratoga, WestPoint & NewPort – All the party except Miss Mattie returned home about ten days since. We have also seen other acquaintances & among them are Thomas Turner & Wife & old Charles who spent a couple of days with us. They told me that it had been determined among them that their Mother was no longer to be troubled with managing her affairs & that the boys had relieved her of Kinlock etc & were to pay her a regular income – She is to live in Middleburgh & I understood was building a house there. Edw – d lives at K – – & the farm is divided among the brothers –

You have no doubt seen the arrival of Smith. His Ship is at Phil – a & when I heard from him last he was still there & unable to leave in consequence of the absence of the Comm: & Captain. Nanie was at Winchester as you know with the children – I have rec – d a letter from Marshall since his return from Kentucky. He pronounces himself well & Anne better. I am very glad to hear it, for I have been very anxious about them. By the packet before the last I rec – d a letter from Childe. They were all well & spending the Summer at St Germaine. He still talks of returning to this Country & of the disagreement of a foreign residence. His Mother has returned to Boston, being unwilling to live away from her old home & friends. We have all been very well the whole Summer. Custis is spending his vacation with us but must return soon to School – It is a grevious thing to part with him & Rooney for a while after his departure drags through the day very heavily. They have both become quite expert swimmers & Custis can go any distance. We go in bathing together every mor – g – Mary for the last day or two has been a little unwell in consequence of taking cold. I hope it is now passing off. All unite in much love to you &

I remain yours very aff – y

R E Lee

C. C. Lee Esqr


Lee PapersUniversity of Virginia Archives

This letter is addressed “C. C. Lee Esqr, Moorfield, Virginia.” The return address is “Fort Hamilton, N.Y.” To the left of the address in pencil is written “R. E. Lee, Sept 1st 1844.”