<br /> Lee Letter: wl002

Washington and Lee University

Sender: A.W. McCoy
Recipient: Robert E.Lee


Seeing from various publications that you had been appointed President of the Washington College, I drop you a few lines for some information in relation to the probable expense that a young man would be at a year to attend your institution. I have a son that will be 21 years of age next September, he has been to school a good deal before the war and I intended to give him a Collegiate education but the war has broken us up & I dont know that I am able to do so. He served in Mahone’s Division of your Army during the memorial siege of Richmond & Petersburg, was captured on the 6th of April three days before you surrendered Served a time as prisoner of war at Point Lookout Maryland and returned home in July penniless and ragged and in fine health. He has always been a good boy & his morals did not suffer in camps, I still wish to graduate him at College, if I am able & as he passed creditable the firing ordeal of camp life under your direction & came out safe I now wish to put him under your care for the Mental training. Give me a complete statement of the cost of a year & if I think it possible to meet the demands I will send him to you to be his advisor as you would your own son untill he completes his education. I am satisfied that he will so conduct himself that you will be proud of him as a student of Washington College. Also state at what time it would be best for him to enter & after receiving your answer I will inform whether I can send him or not. Hoping that these lines may find you enjoying good health & although our cause met with defeat, know that you have the gratitude of the Southern People for your noble defense of our cause. May you under the circumstances enjoy the remainder of your life pleasantly is the wish of

your Ob’dnt Servt

Dr A. W. McCoy


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “Alabama 18 Dec ’65 Dr A. W. McCoy wishes to send his son to W. C. Ansd 30 Dec ’65”