<br /> Lee Letter: wl016

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Lemuel P. Conner
Recipient: Robert E.Lee


Enclosed find a letter from Genl Martin.

My nephew William, son of the late Maj William Conner is now in his 18th year. His education has been greatly neglected owing to difficulties in our schools during the first years of the war, and the fact that he was a soldier in our armies in 1864& 1865 – I scarcely now hope for him an extended, liberal education becoming a gentleman. I shall be satisfied if he acquires a thorough knowledge of his own language with a suitable over view of mathematics, philosophy, geography, etc. not including Latin & Greek – But above all when he reaches Majority I hope to find him correct in manners & morals – I believe this latter main object can be best allowed by placing him in your college where I feel assured your character will emulate the students to a high, healthy moral tone. Will you send me a prospectus & a line that I may give to my children to peruse. I am

very respectfully

Lemuel P. Conner


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “<illegible> – 27 Dec ’65 Major J. P. Conner wishes to enter his nephew at W. College Ansd 17 Jany ’65.” The enclosed letter from William T. Martin to Robert E. Lee was written on 26 December 1865.