<br /> Lee Letter: wl059

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Jubal A. Early
Recipient: Robert E. Lee


I wrote to you from Havana, but did not say all that I wished to say – I arrived here on 2nd last, but have not yet written an account of the part taken by my different commands in the campaign from the Wilderness to Richmond, & of my campaign in Maryland & the Valley, because it has been so cool since my arrival that I have not been able to remain in my room to write – You have some idea of this climate. – While it is a very pleasant one out of doors yet as the rooms are without fireplaces and generally very damp having brick floors, it is impossible to remain in them to do any work – I have succeeded to day in getting a more comfortable location & will proceed at once to the work of writing the accounts mentioned & will forward copies of all the letters orders and dispatches received from you which I was able to save from the wreck, including your letter to me explaining the reasons of my being relieved of command. While at Havana I wrote a letter to the New York News, which perhaps you may have seen, the object of the letter will be seen on inspection – Grant’s & Stanton’s report had just come out and as they contain many errors & were calculated to forestall public opinion before any accounts from the Confederate side could be placed before the world, I wrote this letter in order that the public might have some idea of the odds we had <illegible> to any body – So for aiding in the pacification of the country, my rebellious spirit would have been breaking out on the occasion of my outrage such as the hanging of poor Wirz – and I should have encouraged others to follow my example – I am slow to be aroused, as was the case at the commencement of suspicion, but when I am aroused it is a burden for me to be pacified – I hate a Yankee this day more than I have ever done & my hatred is increasing every day – So that I think it is better for me to be away, as I should have been an element of discord continually – But I nonetheless, honour the sentiments which govern you and those who follow your example – I have seen it stated in Northern papers that Pollard was going to write a history of the war with your approbation – I was satisfied that this was but true about your approbation – He has written the <sense> Character & information necessary for the task – I am glad that you are going to write a history of your campaigns in Virginia, a and I hope the History will embrace all the campaigns in that state whether they have been made the subject of reports or not, as there were many facts which could not be disclosed during the war. – It would be a source of great gratification to receive a letter from you if you condemn what I have done, & if you can find time to write me you will please direct it to

“T. Anderson Esqr
Cuidado de Senor M. F. Maury
Cuidad de Mexico”

With sentiments of the highest esteem and regard I am

Very truly & respectfully

J. A. Early


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “Genl J. Early – 25 Jany ’66 – Gives reasons for publishing letter Ansd 15 Mar.”