<br /> Lee Letter: wl060

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Peregrine Wroth
Recipient: Robert E. Lee

My Dear General.

The hope is indulged that I shall not be unsuccessful in begging you to pardon the liberty I have taken to write to you. Your time must be fully occupied, not only by the duties of your present position as President of a college, but by the various circumstances in connection with the distinguished situation which, since 1861, you have filled with so much honour.

I have three or four Photographic pictures of you, no two of which bear any resemblance to each other. That which forms one of a groupe consisting of Presdt. Davis and his Generals, seems to have been taken when you were in the Vigour of early manhood – Another which has a place in my Album, represents you as a very old man. Doubtless these were taken at different eras of your life – and the difference may be accounted for by the weight of cares and anxieties under which you have laboured since the commencement of the war.

I have a most current desire to possess a likeness which faithfully represents you as you now are – and if you have any which may be relied on as perfectly correct, you will lay me under a great and lasting obligation by sending me one (two if you can spare them) or by informing me where such may be purchased. Accompanying this you will find my own Carte de Viste – of no value, to be sure, when compared with the favour I have presumed to ask, but sent in testimony of my disposition to reciprocate.

It will gratify me exceedingly if leisure will allow you to acknowledge this. Were I younger, (the completion of my 80th year is near at hand) it would give me the great pleasure to seek the honour of a personal acquaintance with one who, for 4 years, occupied a position so highly distinguished.

A Reverend friend of mine living in Albany N. Y. Lately wrote to me and expressed an earnest desire to have your Autograph. Will it be too much to ask the favour that you will send me, on a separate slip of something like the following Very respectfully yours

I would send you a copy of the annual circular of our Washington College of which I am an Alumnus; and with which I stand connected as a Member of the Board of Visitors and Governors – and as Professor of Chemistry and Geology; but in this intention I find that my young friend Copin F. Stave has anticipated me.

That the blessing of God may rest on you, My Dear general, and yours, is the fervent prayer of Your sincere friend

And humble servant

Peregrine Wroth

P.S. My wife requests me to offer to you and Mrs Lee the assurance of her kindest and most respectful desires.


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “25 Jany ’66 Dr Wroth.”