<br /> Lee Letter: wl071

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Duff Green
Recipient: Robert E.Lee

Dear Sir

After consultation with Genl Joseph E Lee and Mr McFarland I am advised to enclose you the draft of a bill which it is proposed to submit to the Legislature and to ask the privilege of putting your name at the head of the list of Directors – I also enclose you a printed copy of the charter of the American Agency with several slips explanatory of its purpose.

You will see that we propose to authorise the Virginia R Road Company to issue scrip receivable in payment of dues to the Company – The Agency will be a trust, commission and loan company and we propose that the R.R. Company shall deposit its current receipts with the Agency which will lend them as currency, thus creating a double demand for payment to the R.R. for transportation etc. and for payments to the Agency, as the whole current expenditure may be paid in scrip and this equal or nearly to one half of the currents receipts only. We can by the cooperation of the two companies so increase the dividend as to make the shares above par in federal currency. – It is the wish of Genl Jos E. Johnson, Mr. McFarland and myself to place you at the head of this company in the salary commensurate to the services to be rendered.

We keep back the bill for your permission to use your name as one of the corporators and hope that you will reply without delay as there are two other competing propositions before the legislature

Yours truly

Duff Green


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University