<br /> Lee Letter: wl093

Washington and Lee University

Sender: E. C. Middleton
Recipient: Robert E.Lee

Dear Sir

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. E F Lutz of Baltimore.

You will remember having received from me a few weeks ago a letter written in Cincinnati, in which I requested you to favour me with such a likeness of yourself as was satisfactory to you, and your friends, to be copied in my style of Oil Colors; to which you replied that “you had no such likeness, nor had you seen any that was satisfactory to you.”

Having learned that Mr. Brady of Washington City had succeeded in producing a very fine Photograph from a siting you gave him, a few days ago, I have visited this City for the purpose of procuring a copy of the same.

Mr Lutz, my general agent for Maryland, and Virginia, visits you for the purpose of presenting you with a few copies which I trust you and friends will endorse as correct.

I regard these copies as beautiful works of art, and if I can get the desired endorsement, I propose to proceed at once to copy the same in my style of Oil Colors.

By your permission, Mr Lutz will make a few notes of your complexion; he will also show you a sample of our style of Arts, in the portrait of Washington which is the same style, and size that we propose for your portrait. Very Respectfully


E C Middleton

Fm E C Middleton & Co Cincinnati Ohio


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “7 Mar ’66 Mr E. C. Middleton Says Mr Lutz will Take notes of color etc For Portrait.”