<br /> Lee Letter: wl129

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Warren Newcomb
Recipient: Robert E. Lee

Dear Sir

I have the pleasure to acknowledge the reciept of your letter of the 22nd March. Please accept my thanks for the graceful compliment! Your board of direction have pleased to give me in return for my donation to your College they have however made one mistake in supposing I am Southern born. I was born in Massachutts. My Uncle R. E. Newcomb (Judge of Probate in Franklin County Mass for more than 40 years) married the only Daughter of Genl Joseph Warren who fell at Bunker (or Breeds) Hill the first martyr to Constitutional Liberty. My Aunt by marriage christened me Warren Newcomb you will readily perceive – I have some rebel proclivities. I have been over 25 years in the South – for 20 years in New Orleans. Among my dearest friends I can name Gov. A. B. Roman (now deceased) also Judge Ross. My object in contributing to your College was to have the pleasure of giving a Schollarship to the sons of my Old Friends who I knew in affluence and have now been reduced to poverty. I have taken the liberty, my dear Sir, of having your testimony published (in pamphlet form, as given before the Congressional Committee and have circulated the same. I mailed a copy to your address.

Will you do me the favor to forward me by mail your Photograph

Yours truly

Warren Newcomb


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “12 Apl ’66 Warren Newcomb Had recd resolution of Bd of Trustees – Says he was born in Massachusetts Ansd: 17 Apl.”