<br /> Lee Letter: wl153

Washington and Lee University

Sender: R. L. Dabney
Recipient: Robert E. Lee

Dr. Sir.

My attempted life of Jackson is about to appear: and I see that the publisher, in his advertisement, has made a use of your name which requires some explanation to exculpate myself – He claims for the work the credit of review and correction by you. This was unauthorized by me: and the only reference I have ever made to your name, in communicating with him, was that which was necessary, in directing him to insert the corrections suggested by you – I have felt some pain upon seeing this advertisement, because I feared that I might seem less grateful than I should be, for your kindness in the assistance given, in making a use of your authority which you might justly regard as unwarrantable. Immediately on seeing the advertisement, I wrote to Messrs. Blelock & Co. protesting against thus connecting your name with my poor attempt, without your more express permission. But I fear he has spread his advertisement broad cast over the country. This comes of having dealings with a Yankee! If you will believe, my dear Sir, that I am incapable of being guilty of an intentional impropriety towards you, I shall be somewhat consoled.

I shall hope that you will not impose on yourself the trouble of a reply to this.

Presuming to offer my best wishes for your happiness & success. I am as ever.

Yr. obed.. Serv.

R. L. Dabney


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Endorsed by Lee: “14 May ’66 Revd R. L. Dabney says the announce made by the publisher that his life of Jackson have been <illegible> – Corrected by me, was use authorized 27 May Ansd.”