<br /> Lee Letter: wl214

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Sisters of the Visitation, Circular Appeal
Recipient: Robert E. Lee

We, The Sisters of Mount de Chantal Academy, desire to call your attention to an act on intended benevolence towards our suffering fellow citizens of the South, and earnestly appeal to you to assist us in carrying out the good work, we have in contemplation. Without valuable aid from friends outside our Institution, we feel our inability to accomplish the dear object, we have in view. This object is the raising of an endowment fund, for the education of the daughters of the South, whose parents, though once in affluence have lost their all, by the late war, & who, consequently, are unable to do that for them, which the Sisters with the co-operation of the good Samaritans outside the Convent to do – viz: to educate them in a manner becoming their birth & early associations, thereby placing within their reach, the means of future usefulness –

What we earnestly desire you to do, is to contribute from the plenty, with which we hope God has blessed you, or if unable to do that, to lend your influence with others, to advance this charity.

Our plea for presenting such an appeal, at a time when applications of a benevolent nature are multiplied beyond precedent, lies in the urgency of the Consideration that the delay of a year or two longer, will rob many of the present generation of advantages that a later period can never replace.

Believing you have room in your heart for all, we implore you in the name of our Father in heaven, – in the name of humanity, to contribute as liberally as your means will allow, & trust to the Sisters to appropriate judiciously.

We can only promise you as a reward for your generosity that our united prayers, with those of the pupils of Mount de Chantal, will be daily offered to the throne of Grace, for your spiritual & worldly welfare hoping at the same time, you may live to see the recipients of your kindness, grow up to womanhood, ornaments to society, imbued with sentiments of piety, & refinement – blessing you & yours, & guiding others to the same goal, which by your act, they have reached.


Robert E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library, Washington and Lee University

Enclosed in Sister Mary Baptista Linton to Robert E. Lee, 10 July 1866.