My dear Sir,

This will be delivered you by Major General Lincoln a brave and able officer who goes to command the Troops that are to oppose any attempt of the enemy upon Charles Town in South Carolina – As the General can give you the news of this peace, I should not have troubled you with this letter were it not for the following purpose. It was proposed to send 50,000 dollars to the paymaster in Virginia for the purpose of forwarding the thousand men designed to assist South Carolina – whereupon I reminded the Congress of a motion long since laid upon their table in consequence of letters from yourself & Mr. Page informing that arrears were due to the Continental Soldiers in Virginia & to the Militia that had been called into Continental service – And I proposed making the 50 or hundred thousand dollars and to word the resolve for the purposes “of paying the arrears due to the Continental Soldiers in Virginia and to the Militia of that State which had been the last year in Continental Service” as well as for forwarding the thousand men to S. Carolina – This was readily agreed to and the money (100,00 dollars) is ordered forward – Now Sir, I presume that Gen Lincoln will, on your application, and showing him this resolve, take measures, by ordering payment himself if the accounts of arrear are ready, and if not, by authorising you to call on the paymaster for the money when these accounts are prepared. I beg leave to refer you to the General for our news, being in great haste,

I will exit myself with much esteem and affection yours

Richard Henry Lee

NOTES: Lee-Jackson Collection, Leyburn Library

Addressed to “His Excellency Patrick Henry esquire Governor of Virgina at Williamsburg favored by – Majr. Gen. Lincoln.”