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Sender: Arthur Lee, Last Will and Testament

In the name of God Amen – I Arthur Lee of Lansdown, in the County of Middlesex, being of sound & disposing mind do make this my last will & Testament, revoking all others; this 27th day of July one thousand seven hundred & ninety two.

1st My Will is, that all my just debts be paid; and that my remains be enterred in the vault of my dear parents: unless I should die at an inconvenient distance – 2d: I give to my most dear Brother Richard Henry Lee for his life only, all my Lands & Negroes, Houses, Stocks & furniture, except hereafter shall be excepted in the County of Middlesex – 3d: I give the said Lands, Houses, furniture Negroes & Stock; at the death of my said Brother, to his son Francis Lightfoot Lee, together with all my Lands in Kenutckey, with my lots in the Town of Richmond, to him & his heirs forever –

4th: I give my said nepwhew F. L. Lee, the tract of Land in the Provence of Maine, granted to me by the state of Massachusetts, to him & his heirs forever. 5th: I give to my said nephew fifteen acres of Land, being a lot in the parish of Tapyunch near Philadelphia to him & his heirs forever – 6y I give to my said Nephew my Stock in the Bank of North America – 7y I give to my nephew Cassius Lee my Lots in Norfolk, my Lands on the north side of the Ohio consisting of my shares in the Ohio Company, and my purchases from the U. States in the Seven ranges; and also my purchase from Col: Henry Lee of his military rights, consisting of eight thousand and five hundred acres – to him & his heirs forever – 8y I give to my said nephew Cassius Lee my post <illegible> 6 pr. Cents in the funds of the U. States –

9y: I give to my nephew Ludwill Lee all my french Books & Manuscripts – 10y: I give to my niece Flora Lee my set of white Tea China of seve together with the red & white seve china coffee cups, tea pot, milk pot bowl –

11th: I give to my niece Hannah Washington, one half acre lot, in Alexandria lying on Washington & Oroonoko Streets & letten on ground Rent to her & her heirs forever –

12th: I give to my niece Ann Lee a half acre lot in Alexandria lying on Princess & Sth Asaph Streets which I purchased of Col: Henry Lee, to her & her heirs forever, & also my silver bladed dessert knives with pearl handles.

13th: I give to my niece Harriot Lee, the six lots in Alexandria sold to me by Col: Henry Lee and which by his agreement with me were to yield fifty pounds per annum ground rents to her & her heirs forever – 14th: I give to my niece Sally Lee one half acre lot in Alexandria No: of 6. on Duke & Royal Streets to her & her heirs forever – 15th: I give to my niece Lucinda Lee, one half acre lot in Alexandria lying on Duke & Sth Asaph Street & letten on Ground Rents. to her & her heirs forever –

16th: I give to my niece Ann Brent a piece of plate as she may chuse of the value of twenty guineas – 17th: I give to my dear sister in law Rebeca Lee of Menokin my diamond ring & my gold sleeve buttons, with pictures in them – 18th: I give to my sister in law, wife of Richd Henry Lee a piece of plate of the value of ten Guineas – 19th: I give to my dear brother Francis Lightfoot Lee my gold enamilled Snuff Box set with diamonds – 20th: I give all the residue of my estate, real & personal to my dear Brother Richard Henry Lee, if he should survive me, if not then to his son Francis Lightfoot Lee – 21st: I constitute & appoint my brother Richard Henry Lee my sole Executor; & if I should survive him, then I request my friend Ralph Wormeley of Rosegill to accept of that charge & of a piece of Plate woth thirty guineas for his trouble.

Arthur Lee

October 25th 1792. Codicil – I give to my nephew Cassius Lee, five thousand dollars in lieu of the deferred six per cents, which I give to my newphew Francis Lightfoot Lee; & it is my will that the aforesaid 5000 dollars should be paid out of my B. Stock given (No. 6) to my nephew F. L. Lee B Stock – Dlls 8000 Guineas 20,10, 30 total Gs. 60.

Arthur Lee

At a count held for Middlesex County, at the Court-house in Alexandria on Monday the 24th day of December 1792 –

This last Will and Testament, with the codicil thereto of Arthur Lee Esqr deceased was presented in Court by Richard Henry Lee Esquire the executor therein named , and proved by the oaths of Raplh Wormeley and William Steptoe Gent: to be wholy written by the said Testators own hand , the same as admitted to record. And on the motion of the said Executor who made oath according to Law, certificate is granted him for obtaining a Probate thereof in due form, (giving Security) whereupon he together with Williams Steptoe, his Security, entered into and acknowledged their Bond in the penalty of five thousand pounds with condition according to Law –

Teste Will: Churchill
Truly Recorded
Teste Will: Churchill Ct

A Copy

Teste O: Cosby C.M.C
State of Virginia & County of Middlesex Sct

I Overton Cosby Clerk of the Court of the County of Middlesex aforesaid, do hereby certify that the foregoing, is a true copy of the certificate of the probation thereof (signed by William Churchill late clerk), which are taken from the said records of said County Court –

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of said County to be hereunto affixed, this 25th Day of August 1803 & in the 28th year of the Independence of the United States

Overton Cosby. C. M. C. (SEAL)
State of Virginia and County of Middlesex Sct. –

In pursuance of the act of Congress of the United States of America passed the 20th day of May 1790. Intitled “An act to prescribe the mode in which the public acts, Records and Judicial proceedings in each State shall be authenticated so as to take effect in every other State” – I Raplh Wormeley presiding magistrate in the Court of the County of Middlesex aforesaid, do hereby certify that the foregoing copy of the last Will & Testament of Arthur Lee decd & certificate of probat, also the certificate of attestation by Overton Cosby present clerk of said Court which is under seal of the said County, are in due form, Given under my hand and seal this 20th day of August 1803, in the 28th year of the Independence of the United States –

Ralph Wormeley (SEAL)


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