<br /> Lee Letter: w009

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Thomas N. Burwell
Recipient: Col. Edward Carrington

Dear Sir,

Not long since I mentioned in my letter to you, that I had engaged with Mr. Dodd to take down the Hemp. Instead of taking the whole he has only carried Twenty one Hundred & Eighty Six pounds, the ballance is still at the <Bealy> Bridge, & I have given direction to the young man living at the Bridge to send it down by the first opportunity. Dodd will get to Richmond about the time you will get this letter, he started on Friday last. You will receive from Mr Seacott my accounts for the last year with the vouchers. One eighth of the proceeds of the Hemp after paying the Expenses of carrying it down will be coming to me, which with the ballance due me on my account I will thank you to send me as soon as you can. I have said nothing about the Hemp in my account as I did not know the weight of the whole, but when the ballance is sent down, you can then if you please make the necessay entry. There is about Fifteen hundred remaining at the Bridge.

In your letter to me you mentioned something about money comeing from Wm & Mrs Burwell to be paid to Colo. Harvey

I intend paying it to him as soon as it becomes due, but that will not be untill the last of December next which will come in my account for the present year. The family send their love to you, & all are very well except my Sister Burwell, who had a Daughter a few days since, but is now pritty well.

I am Sir Yours &c

Thos N Burwell


Lee-Jackson CollectionLeyburn Library

The address on the letters’s envelope reads: “Colo Edward Carrington Richmond Va Mr. Seacott.” The envelope also contains a docket: “Thos. N. Burwell with his acct. June 12. 1810.”