<br /> Lee Letter: w012

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Charles Carter Lee
Recipient: Ann Hill Carter Lee

My dear mother,

I have just received & read your letter of the eighth which afforded me more pleasure than I have experienced for a long time. I am happy in your forgiveness of that I know I was at fault & hope I shall never repeat it. I agree with you exactly with regard to a good education as being very preferable to any gratification of sense. I am endeavouring to evince this by endeavouring as hard as possible to attain the one & refrain from the indulgence of the other. When you fix me in the manner I request to meet by appointmment some one in Boston to pay my necessary bills I think I shall be perfectly at ease for I am determined then never to spend a cent unless I have it in my pocket. Nor was I at all displeased at your intention & allowance since for I suppose before you do that you will find out what is necessary, & less that which you will not restrain me, & if more than which I do not request. I have my inclinations under good command <illegible> their gratification in whatever it is improper to indulge. For instance I have not made out this term, but whenever I am asked excuse myself on the grounds of not being able to afford it. But there are some houses which are not so easily avoided by me & the company of which I happen to be a member wish for a bottle of wine, or any other trifle, it would be very ungentlemanly for me or any other individual to object to its being brought in. For if you alledge you are unable to contribute your share & to buy it, you must at the same time say you are unable to keep genteel company, & accordingly <illegible> off. If you wish me to <illegible> Dr <illegible> I wish you would send me money to pay him up to the day, that I leave, for I sholuld not like to go off in his debt. I scarcely see the use for commission is only a few dollars <illegible> & infinitely <illegible>. Besides I have formed a light attachment to the family & Mrs W<illegible> has said, I am told, that she had another boarders should leave, then that I should. I wish exceedingly to visit you this summer, that I may explain exactly the nature of this place, & being fixed that <illegible> year, my attention may never be attracted from the those studies & which it will necessary to confine it. I am now studying logic, the languages & Geometry, <illegible> is rather an easy study but the first require a great deal of close attention. Give my love to my sisters & brothers, tell Mildred that I will write to her again, by the first private <illegible>. Remember me affectionately to my relations, respectfully to the gentlemen & devotionally to the ladies of my acquaintance.

I remain dear mamma, Your affectionate son

C. C . Lee


Lee-Jackson CollectionLeyburn Library

The letter’s envelope is addressed: “Cambridge Ms June 20 25 To Mrs. Ann H. Lee Alexandria D.C.”