<br /> Lee Letter: w040

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Agnes Lee
Recipient: “My Dear Sue”

My dear Sue,

I was very glad to hear from you again, it had been a long time. I am glad you and Mat are well & in good spirits. I should enjoy his boyish pranks very much, 2 evils indeed & wandering wd. bring you both to Va again. But as you do not wish for it, I hope your husband may find satisfactory employment elsewhere & that it may prove a pleasent home to you. There are many devastating things occurring in the U.S.; I am sure if I read the papers & followed the doings & saying of Congress, it wd be a perpetual irritation; but we are fortunately remvd from seeing the Yankees, & can forget them sometimes. And it is something to live in The Land we love, & be with our friends. Isn’t it Milton who says they also serve who only stand & wait, & I hope we may be able to do that for our dear country. How this warm island you were on when you wrote, contrasts with the snow here that has lain on the ground a month, & the canal wh is one great source of supply to this place has been frozen for that length of time. Ah! I should like to spend a winter with you where there is no winter. What a travelled young woman you will be in regions that seem to me from these snowy heights eminently tropical. I have little to tell you of interest. We are in a land of strangers to you. Good – very Presbyterian, kind, but – not winning in their manners as those we have been accustomed to. I am very well content now but always have a little private hope it will not be our home for many years. If Mat was sixteen, wh I am glad he is not & know you are too! What a fine place to have him educated! Institutions of learning all around, the very atmosphere we breathe – literary & the end & aim of existence, education. We have heard nothing from the Stuarts for some time. Ada is quite cheerful, her boy the image of his father & a great treasure. Harriet C. I have not seen since we left school, but understand she is as attractive as ever. Miss Ella Stribling is to marry Mr. Hugh Powell, but when, is not quite decided. I was at the Rockbridge – Baths ten miles from here, & a delightful bath it was this summer; Traverse Phillips spent some day there so desperately in love with Sally Harman, from L – – , he was very uncomfortable! But I understand she has engaged herself to Dr. Opie now. If (appaarently) accepted love was so painful to him more comfortable at least! Papa returns Col. Maury’s kind remembrances; says he wishes he was not so far away. Mildred is spending the winter in Maryland. I am house keeper & find it quite a change with an ignornat girl for cook, & the mistress no wiser! You must give Mat. a kiss from his God mama with her picture. Write me the day & year of his birth & if he had any other Christian names besides Mathew. I have forgotten. Kind remembrances to Col. M. Write when you can, & let me know of yr prospects & well being. I fear you may have left Havana, & feel uncertain how to send this. Good bye, dear Sue.

May a blessing from Heaven attend you, yr husband & little boy.

Yr friend

Agnes Lee.


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