<br /> Lee Letter: w042

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Mr. Lossing

My dear Sir

I have to acknowledge your letter of the 8th & the draft for $31.25, a very unexpected good fortune, more acceptable than hundreds of dollars would have been under the circumstances. I do not see what Mr Bradley can expect from the Southern trade impoverished as they have been by the great & wanton plunder & desolation of the Northern armies & since, the little they are able to make by hard labor for the bare support of their families, stolen by a set of lazy idle negroes who roam about by day marking what they may steal at night & are kept attending political harangues of which they understand about as much as the African gorilla – Still I wish them no greater evil than a safe landing in their Father land, where I would like to see them a great nation or that their Northern friends would take them to their bosoms, as it is hard that we as the South who have already done so much for them more than their labor has ever repayed. I should be tormented with them the rest of our lives – Pardon me that I have touched upon politics It is hard to refrain of the nature of the money given by Washington, I have no means of ascertaining I sent you the items copied from the Day Book. She had many transactions with her experts in London for the sales of tobacco before the war & may have had gold laid up for which she used for her benevolent purposes, as the 20,000 were marked as equal to £6,000 which I suppose was more than continental money was worth It would be best to mention the donation just as I sent it to you 20,000 (£6,000) I will write to Mr Bradley as you suggest though the Book will not be out before the fall, it is time enough –

Time will alone shew whether I shall be able to purchase the Book It is natural that I should wish to have in my own right all that my enemies have left me of my Fathers large estate – Should you see or write to Mr Bradley in the mean time you might merely say I wish 2 copies sent either by Express directed to Genl Lee or any safe way which he can deduct in settling his account which I believe be settled with you. My respects to Mrs Lossing & believe

yrs truly

M C Lee


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