<br /> Lee Letter: w044

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Custis Lee

Your friend Capt Pike has today announced his intention of leaving possibly tomorrow for Liberty, so I will answer your kind note. I am sorry to have seen so little of him, but could scarcely expect to engross his time when there were so many charming young ladies around. He will tell you of all the parties of the Baths, yet to me the greatest attraction is the Bath itself which is a splendid one & has the most invigorating effect on the constitution, I wish you could have been here all this heated time you would have enjoyed it supremely – we have had some pleasant persons here but most of them have left & their places are not all filled up. The Harrisons of Brandon have come whom I suppose you know by reputation I have remained much longer than I intended in consequence of my daughter in law coming up with my precious little grandson & the Genl’s delay in getting off to the White caused by the death of his brother Capt S. S. Lee whom perhaps you may have seen in Richmond & who was very dear to us all – He had been in the old Navy from boyhood but resigned as soon as the war broke out, the close of it found him without any means of support for his large family. A friend gave him a farm down in Stafford County on the Potomac where he has been working hard with his sons since & the location on the Potomac & perhaps exposure to the sun brought on the affection of the liver & of which he died – My daughter Mary was there on a visit at the time & was able I hope to administer some consolation to the bereaved As soon as her sister was able to join Mrs Lee Mary came here and has been greatly enjoying this fine bath. My grandson is a fine little fellow very large, strong & healthy but entirely like his Mother & her family no Lee or Custis about him He is very good & knowing for 6 months old & the darling & plaything of every one at the Springs We shall all return to Lexington next week, the Genl & girls will get there on Monday night & make some preparations to secure the rest of the family – Mary says she is going to write to you & will tell you her own impressions of the place I do not think Capt Pike has been much acquainted with her – I suppose you have seen in the all that Miss M Jones has been doing for us at the “White” They got up the concert for our church which netted $605.00 & Mr. Corcoran & Peabody each gave 100.00 Had it been 1000.00 each we might have commenced operations at once for we have 500.00 vested in Bank the labors of our society with the exception of the 100.00 sent us by Mr Ficklin – I am still painting & have sold 8 or 10 since I came here & have 10 orders from Baltimore which I have not yet been able to fill, This precious boy occupying so much of my time I am much tempted to send you 2 or 3 of these large ones of Genl Lee which cannot so readily go by mail but as I have not yet them autographed I must wait till I hear that you want some – I got a few lines from Rosa telling me she had received those you sent her from me – I congratulate you upon having Mrs Meredith for a neighbor, no doubt a mutual enjoyment to you both You must remember me most kindly to her & tell her I hope she will visit Lexington again when I shall be more at leisure to enjoy her society – I am very anxious to see the burlesque What did you think of Mr Jones speech? My champion as I call him – I thought a few days ago we should have some cool weather but it is as warm today as I have yet seen it & so dry – You must excuse this stupid letter on account of the heat which makes me very stupid When you write to Rosa give my love to her & tell her I received the note & if she thinks she can dispose of any pictures there When you write tell me & I can mail them when I have time to travel My love to your family & believe me as always

your affectionate friend

M C Lee


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