My dr Mr Warfield –

In reply to your letter I can say that Friday night Jan 30th will be perfectly convenient to me –

I can suggest no details – Would like to have a good light on stand & to have said stand, so it will be breast high, when standing – a common table, with an inverted box on top, will answer very well &

I am very truly yours

Fitzhugh Lee


Lee-Jackson Collection, Leyburn Library

This probably is Edgar Warfield of Alexandria, Virginia, formerly a private in the 17th Virginia Infantry and co-founder of the Old Dominion Rifles. Warfield was responsible for the Confederate memorial erected in Alexandria in April 1885, dedicated in 1889 with Governor Fitzhugh Lee giving dedicatory remarks. Edgar Warfield co-owned Warfield & Hall drugstore in Alexandria after the war and his memoirs of the war was published by Howell Press in 1996.