My dear Sir

Your letter of the 11th inst has been duly received – My father was Sidney Smith Lee formerly of the United States Navy – He was the second son of General Henry Lee of Revolutionary fame by his second wife Anne Carter – the three sons being Charles Carter Sidney Smith & Robert Edward My father was born in 1805 at Camden New Jersey – My Grandmother being there on a visit to her friend Mrs Smith after whom he was named. My Grandfather at the time was in Philadelphia attending the session of the Convention which he was a member – My mother was the daughter of Gen John Mason the fourth son of George Mason the former Senator from Va & C – was an uncle of mine being my mothers brother John G. Masons relationship with my mothers family is very distant & can scarcely be traced – My fathers sons were Fitzhugh born 19th Nov 1835 at Clermont Fairfax Co Va the residence of his maternal Grandfather Second – Sidney Smith born in Georgetown Febry 10th 1837 – third John Mason born at Clermont Va Jan – 4th 1839 – fourth Henry Carter born at Clermont Va Jan. 7th 1842 – fifth Daniel Murray born in Alexandria Va July 14th 1843. Sixth Robert Carter born at Clermont Va Nov 17th 1848 – seventh Eilbeck Mason born at Cameron Fairfax Co Va Febry 17th 1853. And died 7 months afterwards – All the other sons are still living. My father died in 1869. I think I have answered all your questions & will always be very glad to give you any information in my power – Very truly


Fitzhugh Lee

Lee-Jackson Collection, Leyburn Library