<br /> Lee Letter: w055

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Edmund Jennings Lee
Recipient: Alexander Brown

My dear Sir,

Having read from time to time your articles on the Lee family, I am much moved to write to you now to ask your kind help. I am trying to write up a brief sketch of the Lees from 1642 to 1892, something after the style of Mr. Meade’s book, and desire to make it as full and accurate as possible. Knowing the interest you take in this matter, I appeal to your kind indulgence for any assistance you can give me. I wish to give a brief account of the prominet members, & their pictures, with a geneological table

Can you give me any help both from your own knowledge & by printing acct – where I may possibly get copies of parish & court records? I know I am asking a great deal of you, but it is only by begging help of every one able to give it, that I can gather any information! Will you tell me what authority you have for the story of Richard Lee’s voyage to England in 1654 carrying some silver to be melted over, etc.? Do you believe the Emigrant was twice married, first to Elizabeth Langdon, as the old account stated, that she died in England, that he married second Anna, who also remarried later? If she remarried, as G. H. Lea states, was she not probably a young woman, at least too young to be the mother of his eight children? Mr. W. B. Lee of Wilts says the Richard who married this Elizabeth Langdon was 3d son of Lancelot Lee of Coton, but neither he nor J. H. Lea believe this Richard to have been the Emigrant. I shall write to W. B. Lee & ask him to give his reasons & to tell, if he can, what became of the Richard of Coton, who married E.L. I enclose a copy of a letter from R. H. Lea: it is interesting. For this proposed work I have been securing pictures & have some very good ones of Gen. R. E. Lee, which I would be glad to send you if desired.

Ann Lee, daughter of Richard 2, married William Fitzhugh & among her descendants were Bp. Meade & Mary Custis; she married secondly Nat Harrison & may possibly of have been one of the ancestors of President Harrison! But this is a side issue.

In conclusion, I would beg from you any hints you can give me about the Emigrant, as to his life & death, His will was certainly made in England, how soon did he die: Campbell places him on a commission in May 1663, but he may have been appointed yet never have served. Hoping you will pardon my many questions, & the trouble I seek to give you, I remains Yours

very truly:

Edmund J. Lee


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