<br /> Lee Letter: w061

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Unknown

I received your letter some time since my dear Sir containing one from Mrs Peters & should have replied to it earlier but have been endeavoring to procure the speech of my Father’s to send to you If I ever succeed I will send it as soon as I get it & in the meantime return you the letters & send the autograph of Mrs Lewis. You promised to send me a title page to my Book & should like to see it for my approval. Sometimes a title page is quite important for the success of a work. Tho’ I have no fear but ours will be received eagerly by the public, whether it will disappoint them or not remains to be proved – It has been long expected & my Father was so extensively known & loved that it will be welcomed by many as a memento of him I should like to have few copies to send to my friends who have furnished me with letters & other material – Is it not customary for the author to have copies at the wholesale price How soon do you think it will be sent – Have you all the materials you require from me. You have not told me what you think of the Memoirs we have been confined at home nearly all the winter by the roads which are in a dreadful state from the constant rains for we have no ice or snow. I think your friend was misinformed as to Mr Rogers intentions or rather misunderstood him – He had some idea of writing a life of Mrs Washington but I do not know if he ever accomplished it – He is quite a near relative as his Mother was my first cousin the daughter of my aunt Mrs Law – I enclose a letter of Col Parke to his daughter which you can put in the appendix if you think it of sufficient interest also a very amusing letter from my ancestor to this same Miss Parke setting forth the intensity of his devotion. I would rather if you think best to insert them that it should be in the appendix. Use your own judgment about them & let me know also if Mssrs Jackson & Derby wish to have the miniature of my Father that is now in France because if so I would endeavour to get it earlier, I suppose you see the proceedings of the Congress – Nothing talked of new but retrenchment. They even talk of taking or rather reducing the poor pittance from the Army officers. I am sure some of them must starve if this is done. – Col Lee & the girls unite with me in kind regards to Mrs L & Miss Fanny

Yrs truly

M C Lee


Lee-Jackson CollectionLeyburn Library

The Recollections and Private Memoirs of George Washington Parke Custis were published in Washington by William H. Moore in 1859, at which time Robert E. Lee still held the rank of colonel. The letter could have been written in 1858, but not earlier as Custis died in October 1857.