<br /> Lee Letter: w077

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Unknown

I have been hoping every day my dear friend to hear again from my cousin Miss Williams concerning my dear house & know if there was any hope of recovering those things which have been abstracted by the different officers stationed at Arlington who I should suppose would be glad to deliver them up to me to whom alone they are of inestimatable value I especially refer to my books which I hear were packed up & carried away by Lt Master Ingalls, all my house linens many articles from Mt Vernon are said to have been taken Mjr Genl Banks. I knew nothing of the facts of the case but only that these things are gone If you think there is any hope of recovering them I can send you a list I also received a letter from Dr Potts at the light house on Smith ‘s Island saying that there was quite a number of cattle & sheep on the island which had been given into his care by a special agent of the Treasury department which are being depredated on by the unprincipled Party who bought in the property as one of the iniquitous tax sales & that Barney & Dutton are cutting all the wood off the island & claim also all the stock I wish I knew if the New England speculators are to take the whole or if the stock at least does not belong to our estate, that was neither sold or confiscated Excuse me for troubling you again but I am emboldened by your kindness & that of President Johnson to make an effort to recover some of my property Col Taylor has expressed much sympathy in my wrongs that he may perhaps aid me in regard to the things taken from Arlington – What has been saved is of little value save from association Will you present us most kindly To you for those exertions I shall ever remember with gratitude. You may think it strange I should not have secured all moveable articles before I left Washington, but I had such confidence in the honor of the U. S. Officers I thought the place would be guarded respected & also hoped to return in a few days or weeks & secure many things which I left but in this way accomplished I heard that the place was occupied by U. S. troops What are we to expect if the Radical party succeeds President Johnson has the prayers & good wishes of the South, to him alone do they look for any justice Do not wish to annoy you with my own affairs & you must not trouble yourself further about them than is desirable Believe me most truly

gratefully yrs

M C Lee


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