<br /> Lee Letter: w078

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Unknown

I cannot express to you my dear friend how unwilling I am to presume upon your kindness & trouble you again with my own affairs, But upon reflection I have determined that under order obtained for me thro the kindness of the President it would be best to secure my property new in the Patent Office of which I enclose a list tho it may not be a correct one as it was taken hastily while on a visit there – My daughter Mary wrote to Col Hancock Taylor on this subject but having received no reply feared that letter had not reached him, Perhaps you had better consult with him & write me what you think had best be done & I can then ask my cousin Mrs Kennon to receive the relics as she has offered to take charge of them. Perhaps as they have been taken away from Arlington without my wish or permission the department will deliver them to Mrs Kennon write me what is your opinion in this matter & believe me with true respect and consideration

Yrs ty

Mary C Lee

If you should be able to act at once in this business you can shew this letter to Mrs Kennon & have them sent without waiting to hear from me again


Robert E. Lee Papers (064 collection)Leyburn Library

The letter is addressed to “Mrs Mary C Lee Lexington. 12 Novr. 1866.” A docket reads: “Recd 14 Novr. List of articles at Patent Office.”