<br /> Lee Letter: w079

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Unknown

My dear sir

I have only a few moments to reply to your very kind letter as I am anxious you should receive this before you send the article I wrote for – If they have not already started will you add to them those hanging book shelves & if among the books you see a Latin & French Dictionary & a small volume of Horace bound in paper & presented to me by Father, I would be much obliged if you would add them to the collection also any Bible or Prayer Book – It would be scarcely worth while to send all those Books here at present as it would be attended with much expense & we have but little room for them – I hope some member of my family may be able to go to Alexa before a great while who might select such as we needed Could you not have the others set up in one of the old Book cases for the present – I am giving you a great deal of trouble but am emboldened to do so by your own offers of kindness If those things have already started it would be scarcely worth while to send another package now. I must thank you for so promptly settling all the charges of the cabmen & will send the amount as soon as find a safe opportunity of doing so, unless in the mean time you should be able to dispose of any of my furniture to that amount any of those washstands except the oak set you can sell if for their value at all. & there is a high post mahogany bedstead carved & very your Father sent to Old Point for me when I was married which I would like to keep any other of the walnut furniture can be sold – I enclose a note to Mr Muir which you will please give & look at the Butlers tray & stand in his shop If it was made at your establishment I have no doubt it is mine & shall claim it the other articles I suspect from the description belong to my sister Mrs S. S. Lee as she either now is, or will be in Alexa shortly I have written to her to go & see them – Poor old Alexa she may one day be able to get rid of all that opposes her advancement & that the Almighty may bring upon their own head the evil designs of our prosecutors We can never permit so much fraud & untruth to prosper Should you be able to dispose of any of my furniture let me know & any expense that you may incur in having it repaired add to the amount If are the contrary you judge best to let it remain quiet at present I will forward you as soon as possible the money due Through the kindness of many friends in Virginia & Baltimore I have all is as present requisite for my comfort – One room upstairs remains uncarpeted & I thought the old one in your hands would answer that purpose – Remember me kindly to your family & believe me truly

your friend

M C Lee


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