<br /> Lee Letter: w084

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: “my dear Mrs. Glenn”

It was with deepest interest my dear Mrs Glenn I read your kind letter giving me the details attending the death of our mutual friend It did seem an ignoble end for one so generous so heroic & no one has mourned more deeply for him than myself, It seems indeed a mysterious dispensation of our God that so active & useful a life should be thus terminated but we must believe that our omnipotent & allwise Disposer of events chooses the best time to withdraw us from earth at least this is an event in our existence over which we have no control, it is comforting to feel that those we love & whose loss we deplore are in His hands whose wisdom is truly equalled by His mercy – Mr Ficklin was truly a kind friend to me & always seemed to think of some little memento to send me, to shew one that I had not been forgotten. I regret so much that I have never seen him since we parted at the White Sulphur & indeed for the first winter he has not written – The last time I heard from him was in October & I replied to that letter & sent it to you not knowing where to address him. Did you forward it or know if he ever received it? I cannot think he went to Texas to avoid woman, for he often wrote the very amusing account of the charming ladies he saw there, tho’ I did not know whether he was in earnest in his commendations. I am one who believes it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. My most affectionate love to your Mother & sisters & tell Mary that I did not need words from her to express her deep sympathy in my sorrow, for I knew how much she & all your family felt for me. My only consolation is the assurance that Him whom I mourn is enjoying the rest so much needed in his crowded & eventful life the rest God has prepared for those who have loved & served him here – I am content to continue my weary life alone without the tender love & wise counsels that have so long sustained me In constant occupation can I forget for a moment my bereavement – We are still much interested & engaged in our church & the monument but fear it will be a long time before either are completed.

Custis – my daughters unite with me in much regard to you & your family & believe me

most truly yrs

Mary Custis Lee


Robert E. Lee Papers (064 collection)Leyburn Library

The letter is docketed: “1871 Mrs Lee.”