<br /> Lee Letter: w085

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: “My dear Mr. Glenn”

My dear Mr Glenn

Replying upon your well known kindness which I have so often experienced & not knowing your whereabouts I enclose this note to Mr Volck to deliver to you whenever you shall be in Baltimore & ask the favor of you to see at the Maryland Academy of art on Mulberry Street of which I hear he is the Presiding genius Two portraits of Genl Lee & myself by West nearly 30 years since which are not especially valuable as works of art, but as the only originals taken at that period of our lives. They were sent there to be engraved for Miss <illegible> New York & fortunately as Mr Volck writes me they are in very bad condition & a Volck man who I would have preferred to repair them being dead I have requested Mr Volck to do all that is necessary for them – I would like you or <illegible> to see them & as I fear he may have to repaint the drapery to support any colour or alteration you think advisable If you do not receive this before he has completed his repairs, just write what you think of the portraits candidly & of Volck as a repairer as I fear there are many of my pictures in a bad condition – Tell Mary I have been hoping to send her something from my <humble> branch of art worthy of her acceptance but have been so busy labouring for our church I have had no time. Present us most affectionately to all your family If you should write within the next 10 days direct to me here, Rockbridge Baths Virginia after that I shall probably be in Lexington Tell me how you all are & where you are located for the summer – Mildred & Agnes are with me but expect to diverge off soon to visit some friends. Do you know we are to have a R Road to Lexington in two years when I hope even your Mother may be able to visit then

Yrs most truly

M C Lee


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