<br /> Lee Letter: w086

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Unknown

I received your letter my dear cousin & should have answered it sooner but have had a house full of company – I have only communicated its contents to my son Custis & he begs me to tell you he will be most happy to write with us in aiding you to obtain an education & if we should be so situated when you come as not to have a room at your disposal, we will provide you with one & you can be at our table, You need only be at the expense of your washing as I have no servant in the house who could undertake it, that is only $2.00 per month We shall be very glad to do all we can for you without any expectation of return, but if you decided on studying for the Ministry would it not be more advisable to enter the seminary at once I think there is a provision made there for young men who have not the means of obtaining an education your Uncle Cassius could give you all the necessary information on that subject Do not suppose I mention this to discourage you from coming here. You know the education here is free for young men who desire to enter the Ministry & if you prefer to come here first – I think it will be better for you, do not hesitate to do so, I pray God may give you grace & knowledge to turn many to righteousness & I shall be glad to aid in so good a work You had better if you come delay until the last moment as by that time our house will be relieved of some of it

My kind regards to your father & Mother & believe me most truly

your friend & cousin

Mary Custis Lee

I am so occupied that I have not time to write more at large as I have just written our nephew Carter Carter Lee proposes coming to College this September if prepared – I suppose as you have been here, you know what is requisite in that line –


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