<br /> Lee Letter: w097

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Custis Lee
Recipient: Dr. Marion Xerxes Corbin

My dear Mrs. Corbin

I tried to get to see you, & say a last “good bye” before leaving, but the Fates were too strong for me, & perhaps it was just as well, for last words are generally sad words, & in my wandering life, I have to say them very often! Departing on Friday the 13th, one might have anticipated “Bad Luck,” but nothing special happened, save that the train was over an hour late, so that I might have been over to see you after all. I had a “Section” to myself, but did not sleep one single wink (ought to have taken a dose of your Doctor’s latest Prescription, but failed in the energy to open my Travelling Bag) & in the morning, feeling very weak & faint, tried in vain to get a cup of Coffee, but the clamoring crowd was so great that I gave it up. Consequently I was quite ready for Breakfast, when I reached the “Jefferson” at 10.30 A.M. Going up to the room afterwards I took a Hot Bath, & then took to my Bed, where I slept for several hours. I have not had much rest since however, as down at dinner I met sundry & diverse acquaintances; yesterday I not only went to church, but dined out, took a long motor ride to a lovely place in the country, where there was a standing crowd to tea, & returning late to the Hotel, was kept up by people until nearly mid-night & then did not sleep well, so I do not feel very fresh this beautiful morning. For the Weather is heavenly, just cool enough to be enjoyable, quantities of spring flowers & the trees not nearly so far advanced as in Georgia, but with all the tender green just ready to burst into full leaf. Richmond is a beautiful city certainly, but I do not think I shall remain more than 10 days as many things call me to “Washington” as soon as the D.A.Rs. depart, & leave a vacant room for me in my Hotel, the “Shoreham”! And now I must say “goodbye,” on paper. Shall send my best love to the Doctor as well as to the children, who I hope will not forget Me, & with many thanks for all your kindness, hoping we may meet somewhere this summer, believe me

your affecy

Mary Custis Lee

I put Mrs. Doctor on your address as Mrs. Elliott was on hers to be sure in reaching you.

Forgotten your address but hope this will reach you. Drop me aline to say it has. Ask for the blackest ink. This is the result.


Robert E. Lee Papers (064 collection)Leyburn Library

The postscript’s two paragraphs are written in the top margins of pages 1 and 3, respectively. The letter’s envelope is addressed: “Mrs. Dr. Marion Xerxes Corbin Savannah Georgia.”