<br /> Lee Letter: w104

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mildred Lee
Recipient: “Dearest Emily”

Dearest Emily!

I know you have been abusing me, & I deserve it. But you must forgive me. I have been such a gay society lady, that my time has been engrossed with the pomps & vanities, & then I knew I would soon see you, & tell you all about everything. I leave Saturday – day after tomorrow, & go direct to Rob – so write to me there – “West Point. King William Co Va.” In the calm & stillness of the country I will have time to meditate on the follies of the past winter! I paid Evy Tucker a visit of a week in Natchez – & had a charming time – but you have read of my triumphs in the papers? Evy is very happy, & has married into a lovely family. I wrote to Mr Harrison, & told him to shew you my letter – so you have not been in the dark as to my doings as of late. I shall be so glad to get home, & to cool weather, here it is now as hot as our July days – & my summer clothes are in Lexington! And I dare not face to turn to do any shopping, besides I hate it so. That unless compelled, I never enter a shop. I may not reach home until after commencement – I would cross the ocean to avoid it – the only thing is that I may help Custis by being there. But for that I should go to the cool and shade of Ravensworth, till that horrible time is over. What have you been doing all this winter? How I wish you could have gone away somewhere. Today I am going to the races, (with a married man!) & afterwards dine with his wife – I have also a lot of farewell visits to pay – so I must be brief –

My love to Nat, & to every body who cares for me. I weigh 137 pounds! Have no new clothes at all – been wearing out my old ones! No beaux – no admirers – nothing – I mean in particular. How is the ivy on the chapel? Ask Mrs Lea please to plant some on the church.

Ever devotedly –



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