<br /> Lee Letter: w116

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Eleanor Agnes Lee
Recipient: Mary E. McCormick McDonald

Dear Mary

I send two jars whc. came to me filled with your nice pickles before I left home in Nov.

I kept one of them for Commencement and it has been most useful these last few days. I have not forgotten yr. very kind offer to have some currant jelly made for me & if you still find it entirely convenient, I will send you some any day you wish to have them, just for the pleasure of having some of yr. jelly whc. we know will be very nice. I still look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mama says send an answer to her note at yr. convenience

Very sincerely

Agnes Lee


Robert E. Lee Papers (064 collection)Leyburn Library

This letter was written after the 1869 wedding of Mary E. McCormick and Marshall McDonald.