<br /> Lee Letter: w124

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Bolling Lee
Recipient: “my dear Mr. Tucker”

My dear Mr. Tucker:

I was delighted to get your letter accepting our invitation for the 19th.

His full name George Washington (Park) Custis Lee born at Arlington date – The Park he never used. He was named for his grandfather George Washington Park Custis. The year of graduation at West Point, age, date of birth I shall have to refer to Mr Wm Taylor Thom, who I am sure can give you these details which I have not here in New York & dont want to give them from memory as they may not be exact. Mr Thom, Pierce Mill Road N.W. Georgetown Station, Washington D.C. Has just finished a version of Uncle Bob ‘s work & I am sure has all this information. I thought it would <illegible> this rather than writing his <illegible>. You are correct about his being graduated one in his Class & the Genl two – You are also correct about his offering himself as a prisoner in my father’s stead so that he (my father) might come home to his dying wife – Whether or not the letter is exact I do not know but I do know the incident is a true one told me by my father, I think it appears in Uncle Bob’s book

I am most sincerely

George Bolling Lee

Mr Paul Penick W&L Univ Lexington could give you all of the W&L facts you wish – G.B.L.


Robert E. Lee Papers (064 collection)Leyburn Library

The postscript is written in the upper left margin of the letter’s opening page.