<br /> Lee Letter: w130

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Nat Burwell, Jr.?

Everything was entirely destroyed & nothing left but the bare <illegible> but they are young & may hope to reap the fruits of their labours if their lives are spared – I suppose you are a great farmer & make fine butter & cheese in the Meadows of Dan – We have, George, Carter Lee’s oldest son her at the College, & he & Smith Lee’s youngest Rob, take their meals here, My daughter Mary came home last summer & has been here ever since & Agnes is here too Mildred went to Maryland in November to visit some of our old friends there & is now in Baltimore, I think it is doubtful if she gets home before spring – The girls send their love to you & join me in kind regards to your wife – You must have it very cold in your country The snow has been on the ground here for more than two weeks & still continues You must excuse these blots This is the only piece of paper in the room & I cannot go out after any The girls have gone to a party & the Genl to a meeting of the faculty at the College & I am all alone – I have not heard from our old friends the Bufords for some time When you write be nice & tell me if you ever got my letter containing the pretense there is no news here that would interest you – Our church has lately been painted & repaired but the Presbyterians are the poor ailing sect here, & the newest people our people are mostly poor, we had a supper for the benefit of our church before Xmas & made nearly $300, I presented them with a handsome black cake which had been sent to me & Agnes made them some ice cream & coffee. The Presbyterians had a supper on Xmas Eve & made much more than we did, but every thing was given to them & we had to buy all our turkeys – Have you a church or a Minister in Hardy? I have written you quite a long letter tho there is not much in it, Good night & believe me

your affectionate cousin

M C Lee


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