<br /> Lee Letter: w131

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee
Recipient: Mrs. Rose

My dear Mrs Rose

Betty has just called & sent me word she could not go with us to the Springs & declined to come see me so I do not think I am popular this season I am going to send to a woman who offered herself yesterday Bettie told me she wanted to return to Winchester & I told her then I would engage her for 3 months if she did not want to remain longer – I am sorry but it can’t be helped We send you all the currants we can muster but really feel uneasy about giving you so much trouble did not strip them because some persons extract the juice without doing so we also send 5 lb of sugar If not enough let us know – I can send over Monday for it as it had best harden before it is moved

yrs in haste

M C Lee

I suppose Bettie told you Rose got into such a cry that she could not talk to me – now full of company too all the time she looked so sweet & pretty but would scarcely let me see her – If you have not a preserving kettle large enough let me know & I will send mine over which is very large


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