Prayer for my husband, Sent by Mildred Lee Genl Robert E Lee’s younger daughter to Mildred Lee Harness for her wedding to Edgar S Laimm

A Lord bless and preserve that dear person whom thou hast chosen to be my husband; let his life be long and blessed comfortable and holy, and let me also become a great blessing and comfort unto him, and sharer in all his sorrows, a meet-helper in all accidents and changes in the world; make me amiable forever in his eyes, and forever dear to him – Unite his heart to me in the dearest love and holiness and mine to him in all sweetness charity and compliance, Keep me from ungentleness, discontentedness and <unicasonablenss> of passion and humor and make me humble and obedient, useful and observant, that we may delight in each other according to thy blessed word, and both of us may rejoice in Thee, having our portion in the love and service of God forever, For Jesus’ sake,



Robert E. Lee Papers (064 collection), Leyburn Library