<br /> Lee Letter: w149

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Julia Gratiot

The tenor of the law my beautiful Jule has wrested from the iron grip of the P.O. Your letter of the 11 Inst.

What a blessed memory you have! That trip across the mountains I shall never forget. But take your memory a little farther. Did you not say when you were married it should be to your old Uncle? You can’t deny it Juli & as you named your wedding day without mentioning the other party it is clear to my mind that I am to be the happy man! And this is the very day & I am chained to Fort Hamilton! Bound by a chain less yielding than one of iron, every link of which encompasses my heart. It is impossible then for me to be present & you know how disturbing my absence will be to me. Distance however will not prevent my seeing you in all your brightness and beauty, nor can the wishes of all present for your future welfare exceed mine in earnestness sincerity or affection. May you enjoy every happiness – be always loved & cherished as now.

To none can you be dearer than to your old Uncle.

R E Lee

Mrs Lee begs me to express her regrets at being unable to accept your invitation & to offer her sincere congratulations & wishes for your happiness.


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