<br /> Lee Letter: w165

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Jerome N. Bonaparte

My dear Mr Bonaparte

I am very glad to hear that you & Jerome are about to embark for France. It will be as agreeable to you as beneficial to him, & I think you can take great pleasure in comparing him with his Princely relations. When worth makes the man & rank is the stamp, his head can tower as lofty as the best.

I am very sorry that you will not have time to pay us a visit, but can readily understand your engagements. You forget that Examination Commences tomorrow, when you speak of my being in New York. I should with much pleasure go down to meet you, but you will see that it is impossible – I am much obliged to you for your kind offer to take charge of any commissions, & you will see by the enclosed that I have taken advantage of it. You must also remember me very kindly to Mrs. Hoffman if you see her, & do not forget to give Mrs Lees & Bonapartes regards to the Dr

I hope you will have a safe and pleasant voyage, & much satisfaction from your visit, & that you & J may speedily return to us –

I shall certainly see Mrs B – as I pass through Baltimore, & as you expect to return so soon, will hope to find you there on my return to W.P – I have much to do, & have besides to meet Mr Washn Irving at dinner today – Wishing you both every happiness

I remain most truly yours

R E Lee


R. E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library

Transcription based on a facsimilein the Bonaparte Papers.