<br /> Lee Letter: w16

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: C. M. Conrad


The accompy letters have been handed me by the friends of 1st Sergeant C. H. McNally, Compy D. Regt. Mountd Rifles, with the request that they be presented to you. They are from officers of the Regt of Mounted Rifles, one of whom is Captain of Compy D. & were written under the impression that additional Regiments would have been added to the Army at the last Session of Cong: for an appointment in one of which Sargt McNally desired to be an applicant.

His friends have been informed that there now are, or soon will be, two vacancies in the Regt of Mountd Rifles that may probably be filled by others than graduates of the Military Academy, in which case, they desire respectfully to call your notice his claims for an appointment. They beg leave to refer to his service of the Regt of which he is now a member, & to the testimony of the officers under whom he has served, the only two with whom they have been able to hold intercourse.

I can add nothing to this testimony from my personal knowledge, though from my acquaintance with his family who have long been residents of this city, & from representations that have been made to me in his behalf, particularly by Mr Wm L. Marshall who has known him from his boyhood, I believe him to be a young gentleman of good education, refined manners & integrity of character. He is an excellent classical scholar, understands and speaks french perfectly and is a good English scholar in all its branches. He enlisted in the Rifle Regiment in this city, some years since, under peculiar circumstances, & from the statement of Capt George McLane, with whom I have conversed on the subject, his conduct & deportment since his entrance into the Service has been unexceptionable.

Under these circumstances, should it be determined to fill the vacancies among the commissioned officers in the Regt of Mounted Rifles, by others than graduates of the Military Academy, I beg leave to write cordially with the friends of Sergt C. H. McNally, in asking for him an appointment.

I am very respy your Obt Servt

R E Lee Bt Col Capt Engrs


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