<br /> Lee Letter: w196

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Stonewall Jackson


I have recd your letters of the 25th & am very glad to see that Major White has carried out your instructions so thoroughly & has secured all the desired witnesses. As regard to the Arty of your corps I regret there should be any dissatisfaction. I was in hopes the new organization would besides adding to the efficiency & good of the service have met with your general concurrence. I did not inquire as to the armament of the battlns but merely saw that they contained the proper number of Compys in my opinion, & that the latter were about equalized between the Corps. I perhaps do not place the same value that Col Crutchfield does upon the particular number of guns, or whether one has more than the other. I wish each to have enough, & all to be well served. I have no objection to your retaining Thompsons battery if you desire it, & will write to Genl Pendleton to that effect. One of Longstreets battns can be arranged with three batteries & must fight the harder. I do not however understand Col: Crutchfield’s calculations, though I had not time to investigate it. There appears to be an error in the commencement – He gives to the 1st Corps 117 guns. It had that number some time since, but French’s, Branch’s batteries containing six guns each were sent to Genl G. W. Smith for service in N.C. It should therefore have arms exclusive of Thompsons & Lathams 103 guns according to the reports in this office, including Lathams & Thompsons batteries, it will have 112 guns – The Arty of your Corps, exclusive of Brokenbrough, Thompsons & Lathams batteries, according to same report, should have 116 guns – This is in the supposition that all the batteries have the number of guns they had before the 6 pcs etc were sent to Richmond to be recast, & which it is before they will have – Col: Crutchfield sent so many of his off at one time, that some time may elapse before he receives their equivalent – According to the reports in this office there are six of his batteries with over four guns – There is the same number in the 1st Corps – In reply to your letter of the 19th I regret I do not concur altogether with the principle then laid down regulating claims to promotion. I think the interest of the service, as well as justice to individuals, require the selection of the best men to fill vacant positions. It is this principle that I applied for Genl Heth for one of your brigades & Col: Alexander for another. On the same principle, many valuable officers have been lost to this Army, but I think the general service has gained. I do not think it right however at any time to pass over worthy men who have done good service, unless you can get better. I thought that Capt Chews battery belonged to the Cavy brigade. It is so <illegible>, & I do not see it among the the battns of Arty of your Corps. This would give you an additional battery to those enumerated.

I am with great respect Most truly yours

R E Lee Genl


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