<br /> Lee Letter: w207

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Carter Lee

My dear brother Carter,

Your letter of the 12th afforded me much gratification. I wish the interpretation given to your dream may be realized & that health & abundance may abound in the Army. That such may be the case you farmers must be very industrious & make heavy crops. You see what a distance we have now to forage, how precarious the supply must be when roads are bad & how wearing to our wagons & teams. Grain, hay, bacon can with good management be annually procured, but horses & cattle require several years. I hope by your example & precepts you will encourage our good farmers in Virginia to such exertions as will insure bountiful productions. My grief at the death of my dear Charlotte is irrepressibly great. You who knew her devoutness of character, affectionate nature, & attractive manners; can well sympathize in our loss. She was as dear to me as my son her husband, to whom she was wholly devoted, & her death at this time has caused an aching void in my heart, that Merciful God alone in his good time can remove. Yet I know what a gain her death is to her. How much pain & sorrow she has escaped; & what perpetual bliss she will enjoy. I sorrow for those she left behind, & to whom her presence gave such happiness. I am glad to hear that my sister Lucy & your children are well & that dear little Mildred has escaped the attack of pneumonia with which she was threatened. Tell her she is right I ought to be more akin to her than Aunt Betty because I am her uncle & she is only her Aunt – It is very cold now & unfortunately I have had some troops on the march, which only got under cover last night, & I fear have suffered very much. Ice freezes hard in our tents; even when there is a fire. I think it probable there will be a change in a few days & that this will be the last of the severe periods of the winter. I have just seen Robert Beverly who tells me that all are well in Kinlock & Averet – Our cousin Charles Randolph died at the former place before Xmas. He had been captured by the enemy & put into the old Capitol, where he was taken sick, & finding perhaps he was failing fast, was released. He made his way to Eastern View, where he walked to Kinlock to die. You must give much love to your wife & children. I hope <George> Will study hard at the Institute & make a fine soldier.

With all affection your brother

R E Lee

Charles Carter Lee


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