<br /> Lee Letter: w327

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Carter Lee

My dear brother Carter

I as very glad to receive your letter of the 5th Inst: giving assurance of the good health of all your family who are with you. Those members who are here are well. George & Henry are pretty well at their studies & I hope will apply themselves diligently till the end of session, when the advancement they have made will be apparent. Mildred though she has had two returns of the chills I think is graually improving. Her complexion is clear, her appetite is better & she is fattening a little. Each <illegible> of fever has been readily arrested, but each attack has served to depress her for a few days. At present she is quite well & divides her time between her lessons & her amusemnets. My own health is better though I am not yet well, yet able to attend to my duties. I am steadily collecting such official data as I can obtain for the history of the campaigns in VA: In regard to the Memoirs I have not wished to put them into Mr Richardsons hands until he was prepared to publish. This he says will vbe ready to do this winter & I will let him have them in time. As regards Howards Lick there may be a large fortune in the property, but I think when you see the ruined financial condition of the White Sulphur, Sweet Red Hot & Warm Springs, it ought to make you very cautious how you invest your means in improving it. The springs I have named with all their advantages, periodically roll up a heavy debt & pass into new hands, which seem to fare as their predecessors. The <illegible> ocassionally make some money, but have never heard of the properties doing it. I have much of detail to to attend to here as you state, but there is no way of avoiding it. If you throw it off on others who have not the responsibility it is loosely attended to. I shall get rid of some of it in time. To give you some idea of my interruptions this letter has been before me two days & has recd such attention as I could spare from other objects.

We have recently had a very pleasant visit from Mr & Mrs George (Ella Carter) & Annette Carter. They left us Wednesday after spending ten days. They say Charles has continued to enjoy good health since his return from the W. Sulphur. The Harrisons are now on a visit to Lexington & we see them every day. I do not think Mr Wm Ritchie is much enamored of the city, but the ladies seem pleased. The latter consist of Mrs Harrison, Miss Belle, Miss V. Ritchie, Miss Cross & Miss Mary McKim. You must give much love to my sister Lucy, Miss Bettie, Mrs Whittle, Kate, Catharine & the boys – All unite with me did they know I was writing – Very truly & affy

your brother

R E Lee

C. C. Carter Esqr


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