<br /> Lee Letter: w350

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Marshall

My dear Col:

Upon the reception of your letter of the 13th Ulto: enclosing the Revd McMullins printed propositions to the public, I placed it in the hands of the Comm: of the Bd of Trustees, who informed me that his course was not in accordance with his instructions or their wishes, & that he had been recalled & requested to report here in person, I had not then read his printed address, & have done so today for the first time. I find them very objectionable & not conformable to fact. It is true I caused a plan for a residence for the Pres: of W. College to be drawn, as I did for a Chapel, Dormitories, Boarding house etc, at the insistance of the Bd of Trustees; but it was no more designed for a residence for me than for any succeeding Pres. It was intended to occupy the site of the old Presidents house, which has been removed with that view, is on the College grounds, & is as much a part of the College buildings as any other house belonging to the College, & by enabling me to vacate the house I am now occupying ( a portion has been cut out here resuming with ) member of ( another portion cut out here resuming with) whole <illegible> of the matter, & I cannot consent that my name should be used in any way for the purpose of obtaining money from other people. If they are not disposed to give money for the purposes of education to Washington College, I do not wish them to give for any consideration for myself.

If McMullin is still in B – I wish you would shew him this letter& ask him to destroy his circulars, & abandon his project – Otherwise I shall have to publish a notice that his cause is not or authorized.

I wish could have gone to the University to see & hear you; but I could not – I am very glad to hear of the birth of your son & of the good health of Mrs – Tell her I think she ought to come to the Mts: this summer on purpose to shew him to me. I am sure that no one will take more interest in his future than I shall, or will be more glad to see his future than I shall, or will be more glad to see his father & mother.

I go next week with Mrs Lee to the Warm & Hot Springs – I think after seeing her comfortably located, I shall run over to the W. Sulphur with Mildred – leaving Agnes with her mother.

[Very respectfully your obedient servant

Robert E. Lee]

Chas: Marshall.


R. E. Lee CollectionLeyburn Library

The closing and signature has been clipped and a note on the document reads: “Signature detached & sent to Miss VS <illegible>.”