<br /> Lee Letter: w351

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Robert Beverly

My dear Sir

I wish I as able to advise you as to the proper course to pursue with your sons. I can only say from what I know of them that they desire the opportunity of acquiring a good education, & which in my opinion, no matter what pursuit they may take in life, is the greatest benefit you can bestwo upon them. In selecting as school for them I would consult as far as resaonable their taste & fancy, shew them the responsibilty that will devolve upon them in after life & urge them to prepare themselves to meet it. I send you a catalogue of Washington College which I hope will give you all the information your desire concerning it. If there is any that offers greater advanatges, or holds out greater inducements to your sons to study, you ought to select it. You will see here they can pursue such a clurse of study as you may think best for them, but I always advise all young men in commencing their education, & in preparing for the duties of life which they cannot pursue, to begin on a broad foundation, occupy their full time, & take the disciplinary studies with the practices which will develop their minds & enlarge their capacity. If you determine to send them to Washington College, mark out their course, & let know what you wish & I will endeavor to aid them all in my power – I think it will be better to procure their board in some private family, where they will have tha advantage of home influences & be surrounded by social & moral advantages, rather tha place them in College –

From the statement of Mr Carter Page, I hope they may enter the Junior Class in Latin & can take the Prept dept: in other branches – Tell them unless they are determined to study & do well, they had better not come here, but go elsewhere –

Give much love to my Cousin Jane. I would not give her for both of her boys, & I think she ought to come on & see her poor cousin. With much love to all your family

I am very truly yours

R E Lee

P.S. I write in the midst of interruptions & preparation for departure



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