<br /> Lee Letter: w361

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Charles Carter Lee

My dear brother Carter

I was glad to learn by your letter of the 1st that you & yours were in the enjoyment of good health & other blessings vouchsaved to us by a Merciful Providence, & pray that they may be continued for many, many years in such form & in such measure as may be most advantageous to you all. I have written to Richardson in reference to the Memoirs & he promises they will be out in March, though if he adds to the illustrations as suggested it may require some time. Edward Childes address is A25 rue d’storg, Paris, – You will have recd Henrys report for December before this & can form some opinion of his progress. He has been complaining of his eyes again & frequently speaks of having dyspepsia. The latter is probably aggravated at this time by imprudent eating during the holy days, & whether the two are any way connected I cannot tell. He looks well, is growing & is more discreet in his diet than formerly. – He is learning something too, though I have no doubt labours under disadvantages which prevent his progressing as well as we could wish. But how many have had grreater difficulties to contend with & yet succeeded in accomplishing their end. He is desirous now of withdrawing from College, & if he cannot study, or if his remaining would be injurious to his eyesight it might be well for him to do so; yet it is such a serious thing for him to abandon his education & forego the opportunity he has of improving himself, that I told him he had better consult you on the subject. He seems to be quite earnest in the matter & says he did not wish to return to College this year on account of his eyes – He has been bathing his eyes in salt & water & has been eating bread of <unlotted> flour, & boiled cracked wheat, a kind of hominy, both of which for a time seemed to benefit him. But he does not seem contented to remain. I am very sorry for his condition & wish I could relieve, & while urging him to apply himself to his studies, have cautioned him to use his eyes as little as possible at night & to take regular exercise. I have not consulted any of our physicians because the eye is such a delicate organ, that I feared he might receive inhury & I believe in such cases that rest is the best remedy – You must remember me to my sister, Mildred, Catharine & all the boys & believe me

Most truly yours

R E Lee

C. C. Lee Esqr


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