<br /> Lee Letter: w362

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Robert E. Lee
Recipient: Leon Nicely

Dear Sir

I regret to have to state that one of the furnaces in the College chapel, & that in the Presidents house do not operate. We were able to have fire in the former for a few days, but in the latter it has never burned well, & from necessity has been discontinued in both, within a week of their erection. The Smoke issues from the fire door of both & in the Presidents house passes into the warm air duct. All the benefit anticipated from the latter furnace has been lost so far. The warm air ducts in both of the Chapel furnaces did not originally fit the ejectors, & were unmade here by your workman. That in the Presidents house was cylindrical & the register was rectangular, so that it had to be unmade too, but the length was so short that in passing from the cylindrical to a cubical shape, I presume there is some opening which admits the smoke from the fire pot. I know of no one here am willing should take down the furnaces, until you authorize it & therefore submit the matter to you – I have been expecting some brushes which your men promised to send me by which the flues could be cleaned, but they have not arrived

Very respy

R E Lee

Mr Leon Nicely


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