Robert E. Lee

Joseph G. Totten

U.S. Military Academy West Point, N.Y.

24 Jany 1853.


I had supposed till this evg that the accompanying letter, of 29th ulto: had been forwd at the time of its date. It was prepared to go with the drawings to which it relates, & at the time they were placed in charge of Major Porter, it was believed had preceded them. Finding its reception had not been acknowledged, I again inquired whether it had been sent, & was told it had been mailed at the proper time. I have just now accidentally discovered it, where it was placed by the recording clerk & overlooked.

I hope it will not reach you too late to effect its object.

I remain Very Truly. Your Obedt Servt.Signed/ R. E. Lee Br. Col.
Supt. Mil: Acady.

P.S. Cadet Ketchum requests permission to receive some Socks. Gloves. & Unif. Collars which have been sent for him to the office of the Qr Mr. of the post. Which request is recommended for favorable consideration.

(Signed) REL

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 2, p. 318. Addressed “Genl: Jos: G. Totten Chief Engineer Washington City DC.”