Robert E. Lee

Seth Williams

U.S. Mil: Acady West Point

(at night) 14 March 1853.


The continued illness of Dr Simons, & the absence of Dr Cuyler, render the services of a skillful Surgeon at this Post necessary.

You will therefore repair to the City of New York by the first train acceptable to you, & in consultation with the proper Medical officer in the City, procure the earliest probable attendance of an experienced Physician, capable of consulting with Dr Cuyler, should he in the meantime return, on the present cases of sickness at the Post, or of taking the management of them during his absence.

Upon the completion of this business, you will return to the Post & resume your duty.

Very respectfully. Your obt Servt.Signed/ R. E. Lee Br. Col:
Supt. Mil: Acady.

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, p. 9. Addressed “Capt: Seth Williams Adjt. US Mil: Acady. West Point. N.Y.”