Robert E. Lee

Joseph G. Totten

U.S. Military Academy West Point

20 Apl. 1853.


I have recd your letter of the 11th Inst: returning the drawing of the proposed uniform Cadets dress cap with the direction of the Secy of War for its alteration. Major Garnett who was on the board that adopted the present army cap, informed me that an effort was made at that time, to adopt it to the inclined visor preferred by the Secy.; & that he was sent on to Phila. for the purpose of having one made. Upon its presentation to the board it was rejected, & it was found impracticable to make the inclined visor accord with the style of the cap. I fear I should be equally unsuc-cessful, & presuming that the cap referred to by Major Garnett is still at Washington. I take advantage of the opportunity of Lt. Donelson’s visit, to send you the model of the proposed Cadets Cap, that you may compare the one with the other. Major Wayne who was the Secy. of the board can give you all information on the subject. Should the proposed cap not meet the views of the Secy of War, it may perhaps be better to adhere for the present to the one now established, as I fear we should not be able to provide another in proper season. The field exercises & preparations for the approaching examination, gives close occupation to all.

Please return the Cap by Lt. Donelson, if not wanted.

I have the honour to be your obedt. ServtSigned) R. E. Lee Br. Col:
Supt. Mil: Acady.

PS. Cadets Lomax, Porter & Rudd request permission to receive some articles of underclothing &c from their homes, which is recd. for favorable consideration

(Signed) REL.

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, p. 22. Addressed “Genl: Jos: G. Totten Chief Engineer Washington City D.C.”