Robert E. Lee

G. Dean

U. S. Mil: Acady West Point

24 May 1853.


I have been directed to reply to your letter of the 17th Inst: to the Secy of War; enclosing a communication from Cadet Geo. D. Ruggles, relative to a leave of absence during the next encampment. I have accordingly the honour to inform you that the Regulation restricting this indulgence to those Cadets who have served two encampments, had upon my application been so modified as to place the Cadets who may be admitted in September on the same footing as those that enter in July, & that consequently there is nothing to prevent my extending to Cadet Ruggles at the proper time, the same leave of absence as will be granted to the rest of his class.

It may be unnecessary for me to add; that until so modified, it was as binding upon me, as any other regn established by the Secy of War for the Government of the Acady., & that I could with as much propriety have violated any other article that interfered with the convenience or pleasure of the Cadets, as the one in question. It bore the same date & same authority as all the other articles in the code.

I remain Sir. Your obedt ServtSigned / R. E. Lee Bvt: Col:
Supt: Mil: Acady.

Superintendent’s Daily Correspondence
United States Military Academy

Superintendent’s Letter Book No. 3, p. 28. Addressed “Honble G. Dean Poughkeepsie. NY.”